Thursday, 27 February 2014

Zoe's Journey

The Escape

The next time I’m home I’ll try to organise what I do with my evening’ she mumbled to herself quietly. There again why does she have to be quiet, why not put on her Queen album; and blast the ruddy neighbours out, ‘God I’m grouchy this evening,’ throwing her slim petite hands up in the air in exasperation wondering where her parents were.
Zoe wandered through the house touching and looking at things she’d not seen in many years. It seemed her parents hadn’t changed much at all. Still collecting plates and pictures; you could hardly see the wallpaper or paint anymore. The thought of clearing the house out one day made her slim body shudder in horror.
Zoe cringed walking into the front lounge. This room held striped wallpaper in blues and creams; it actually looked rather regal, though the old fashioned furniture didn’t suit at all.
The doorbell sounded. Zoe smiled grimly as the tune played, it was different each time though she was beginning to hate the ‘Happy Birthday to you’ tune completely; it drove her nuts.  Wondering who it could be Zoe flung open the door to the night, shivering as cold wind wrapped its fingers around her body.  The hunched figure turned back to the door making Zoe gasp in surprise.
“Fabia, where on earth did you come from? I haven’t seen you for what nearly 8 years,” she exclaimed excitedly grabbing Fabia’s arm dragging her into the house banging the door shut.
“OMG Zoe, I’m so glad you’re safe, I was so worried about you,” said Fabia her voice laced with terror.
“Of course I’m fine Fabia, don’t be daft,” she said scornfully.
“Zoe, you don’t understand….”
“What are you on about?  Here let me take your coat; I was just about to make a cuppa tea to warm me up; would you like one?”
“Zoe, we need to leave here now before they come for you.”
“Fabia, nothing’s happening here, calm down you’re starting to scare me.”
“Get some clothes, food and water Zoe we need to leave immediately,” she replied urgently, “they’re getting closer I can feel them,” she shuddered violently.
Raising an eyebrow at her old school friend Zoe decided to do as requested. Just maybe a bit of fresh air would revive her friend’s brain. With a huge sigh Zoe collected some things together putting them into her favourite backpack; slinging it across her shoulders turning with a small smile to humour her friend.
“Come on then you daft twit, let’s go.”
“Zoe it isn’t funny.”
Zoe threw open the front door looking into the dark night to find the night sky brighter than it should be. In the distance she could see a light drawing closer. Frowning she grabbed Fabia’s arm. Fabia took one look at the light and ran towards the back of the house, Zoe trailing after her.
“What the hell is it Fabia,” she gasped breathlessly running beside her friend.
“I told you they were coming to get you. Hurry we must climb the fence get across the school grounds, the fields will be a good enough hiding place.”
“Who are they? What do they want with me?”
“Let’s get out of here Zoe. I’ll explain later when we have shelter for the night. The further we get away the safer we’ll both be.”
With a sigh Zoe followed Fabia over the wire fence.  At a steady trot by her side they made it into the rugby fields.
“How much further do we need to go,” Zoe questioned.
“If we can walk through a stream or something, then they should lose our scent. I don’t think they have the wolfhounds with them.”
“Who the hell are those people?”
“Later Zoe, just know you’re not safe in this place any longer.”
A roar suddenly erupted behind them. Crouching down Zoe looked back in horror. The lights were fire torches held by a bedraggled crowd, they’d marched up to her home waving the flames back and forth chanting. Zoe couldn’t make out the words. Suddenly the crowd surged forward surrounding the house throwing their fire torches at the windows, smashing them; the torches landed inside making the rooms glow as the fire ate its way through the house.
“What the…they can’t do that,” her mouth hanging open she started to stand only to be pulled back to the ground by Fabia.
“Just remember you could’ve been inside if I’d not come for you.”
“Well thanks Fabia, though now I don’t have anything, all my memories were in there, what about my parents?  Where are they?”
“It is too late to save them, they’ve been turned,” Fabia said sadly.
“Turned?” Zoe asked her questioningly.
“Yeah,” grabbing Zoe’s arm Fabia pulled her along running by the hedgerow where they were less likely to be seen. Stumbling along they crossed field after field until Fabia thought they would be safe for the rest of the night. She pulled Zoe into the hedge for protection just as big rain drops began to fall.
“We’ll be soaked through in minutes if we stay here Fabia.”
“No we won’t don’t worry I’ll keep us dry,” waving her hands slowly over their heads, chanting Zoe suddenly noticed the rain had stopped and she was also warm.
“H-how did you do that?”
“Just one of those little things I learnt along the way to witch hood,” giggled Fabia.
“Give over Fabia, no such things as witches, there just a fairy tale.”
“Hate to tell you Zoe, witches are real, so are goblins, giants, unicorns and all sorts of things we thought were just stories when we were children.”
“Don’t be a ninny Fabia, they are just myths, geeze whatever are you going to say next. I suppose animals talk too,” she laughed quietly.
“So I’ve been told Zoe, though I’ve yet to experience the talking animals.”
“What drugs are you on Fabia? This is just getting too stupid for me.”
“You saw them burn your home.”
“I think I saw them burning my house, maybe someone put something into my supper tonight and this is all a dream.”
Fed up with Zoe’s reaction to their circumstances Fabia dug out a pin jabbing her with it several times.
“Ouch, what the hell did you do that for?” she said.
“So you’d feel it and know all this is for real.”
“Ok so I’m awake,” she said grumpily to Fabia, “What dimension am I in? This is seriously ridiculous.”
“I’m starting to wonder about you Zoe, where have you been? How could you have missed all this? The battles were ferocious to say the least, millions died or were turned against their will,” tears started to run down Fabia’s cheeks, “Even my little brother’s gone now,” she sobbed.
“Tranor has gone? What, no way Tranor must be ok, please Fabia,” she begged, “you’ll have to tell me what’s going on. I’ve no idea. Honestly.”
“Mother Nature finally fought back. She set free all the so called mythical creatures we’ve always read about.”
“Why though?”
“We don’t know. We need to find the Daughter of the Earth. She’ll be able to explain all this to us; maybe even turn the tide of the battles still raging around the globe.”
“Who’s the Daughter of the Earth for goodness sake?”
“It’s something we've yet to discover Zoe. Our researchers are looking through their books as we speak.”
“Why did you save me?  Where are you taking me?”
“You’re my best friend. Your parents were very precious to me. As for where I’m taking you; I don’t yet know. I just knew I needed to get you away quickly.”
“Which certainly doesn't tell me much,” Zoe sighed. “Thanks for rescuing me, for keeping me warm and dry. It seems you’re a clever little witch after all.”
“Wait until you work out what you can do Zoe,” she laughed watching Zoe’s face look more puzzled than ever.
“What do you mean Fabia?”
“When Mother Nature set the mythical creatures free she also gave us humans back all the powers we never knew we had; there are not only witches out there,” she smiled.
Groaning her head in her hands Zoe gave up thinking about what’d happened.  Fabia held out her hand stroking Zoe’s cheek chanting a relaxing spell. Soon Zoe was fast asleep with Fabia snuggled into her waiting for orders from her mistress of the earth Gaia. 
This human was particularly special though she’d no idea why. The people, who’d destroyed her home; taken her brother, seemed to know. Fabia shuddered at the evil she’d seen in their eyes before her escape.  Sleep finally claimed her though dreams disturbed her throughout the night.

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