Thursday, 27 February 2014

Rosetta's Lot

Rosie continued towards St Clair Marina the sight taking her breath away.  The lovely deep natural curved harbour entered into an even deeper blue lake past the harbour master’s residence. The moored boats were gorgeous, all different sizes and shapes, beautifully painted and cared for. There were several pontoons, full sailing boat and fishing boats. A paddle steamer stood in pride of place; the steamer did short trips where you could book a romantic meal out.  Sometimes it was used for wedding receptions and events. 

Across the other side of the harbour there was a boat building business bustling with activity.  Gorgeous well-built tanned men were busy working on what looked like a luxury wooden yacht. Next to it there was a sale yard for those who wished to buy and keep a boat instead of hiring.  With yachts entering and exiting the harbour; people waving to each other, relaxing watching the comings and goings she relaxed enjoying the wonderful sights.  Smiling at tourists enjoying the admiring looks she strolled along the pier enjoying the breeze ruffling her hair.
“Miss,” looking down a little boy tugging on her jacket.  Crouching down she smiled.
“What’s the matter young man, are you lost?”
“Nah, I live here miss.  Got a note for you though,” he grinned up cheekily.
Slowly she stood looking around scanning faces close by. “Thank you. Who gave you the note?”
He turned slowly pointing towards the back of a blonde haired man disappearing into the crowds.  Sighing she took the note giving the lad some coins. Grinning he ran off to the ice cream parlour.  Rosie opened the note.

Meet me at Lola’s Bar and Grill tonight at 8pm.  I have vital information for you.

No name, she didn’t recognize the writing.  A puzzled frown on her forehead she tucked the note into her pocket making her way toward where the person had disappeared.  Not one for meeting strangers she shrugged eventually returning to her hotel. A night out she wondered, dare she after her set down with the other man yesterday. Rosie rang down to reception checking with management the rating of Lola’s Bar.  Making her decision with narrowed eyes she went to change she’d be ready for whatever came her way. Apparently Lola’s had great reviews.

Settling down at her desk Rosie transferred the film data to her SD card slotting it into her laptop. Looking through the film frame by frame until she found the blonde haired guy; she already noted he was dressed in black jeans and t-shirt. His face in every shot was turned away from the camera much to her frustration.  He had strong broad shoulders like a football player though with slim hips. He looked to be about five foot ten.
“Who the hell are you,” she muttered scowling at her lack of knowledge.  Closing her laptop she stood gazing out the bay windows noticing night was drawing in, the sun sinking behind the mountains made them glow eerily as it dipped lower. It was time to prepare to go out.  Showering quickly Rosie was soon standing in her underwear in front of the wardrobe, opening it she sighed looking through the few dresses she’d thought to bring with her.  Finally picking out her favourite forest green knit dress she pulled it on over her head letting it slide snugly over the flare of her hips where it settled right on her knees showing her gorgeous figure. Picking out black heels she slid them on her feet. Turning to the mirror smiling, knowing she looked great she settled her bodice showing off her cleavage to best advantage. A small blade in her garter, her colt 45 in her purse she was nearly done.  Highlighting her face with make-up she added a diamond drop necklace and earrings just as a knock sounded at her door. 
Sighing with exasperation, “who is it?”
“Porter here Miss, a parcel was dropped off for you.”
So much for nobody knowing she was here. Holding her gun behind her she unlocked the door looking the young lady over. Taking the parcel she gave a tip shutting the door placing the package on a side table while she finished her make up.  Snatching up her little jacket she glanced at the parcel deciding to leave it until later. Purse, keys, camera broach and off she went to locate Lola’s Bar and Grill.

Rosie arrived early at the restaurant giving her time to case the place, not knowing if she’d need to escape later.  Scanning the early evening crowd, she found a booth at the back with a great view of the whole room.  Taking a seat she relaxed ordering a Gin and Tonic.  Her eyes on the door she waited in anticipation of her mystery man.

The whole room stilled as he walked in, every woman gaped at the stocky blonde man in tight black jeans and black t-shirt pulled taunt across fantastic abs.  Stopping in the doorway he looked around until his eyes settled on Rosie in the back booth, with a small smile he made his way towards her.  Sliding on the seat opposite he nodded once before ordering a beer from the waitress who’d followed him across the restaurant.
An impish smile crossed his face as he gave his full attention to the gorgeous red head who sat across from him.
“Good evening Miss, thank you for joining me tonight.”
Lifting an eyebrow she quipped back, “you could say I was curious as to who knew me here in Grampton.”
“Oh we don’t know each other, though we will,” he replied smiling.
“What sort of game do you think you’re playing Mr..,?”
“Call me James,” he smiled.
“Oh like James Bond, the mysterious 007 how exciting,” she said placing her elbows on the table, “There again where’s your martini?”
“I knew I’d like you.  I do adore a red head.”
“Really James that’s very trite of you.  I’m sure you can do better than that.”
He let out a belly laugh making patrons turn towards them wondering what was so funny. “Let’s order, the steak is very good here.”
“Fine, I’ll have peppered steak, medium rare with mushroom sauce.”
Turning to the waitress who appeared at his elbow he repeated the order doubling it, adding baked potatoes and veg.
“So James, what’s this information you have for me,” Rosie asked politely. “I don’t usually meet with strange men, you had me intrigued.
“First what’s your name?”
“What you didn’t find out, amazing, your obviously not Bond then are you,” she chuckled with delight.
“No, I can’t say I am though I do enjoy been mysterious,” he laughed quietly.
“You can call me Modesty,” she grinned.
“My, my we’re going to have an interesting evening after all.”
“Perhaps, so what’s this vital information James? Or was it just to get my attention,” she said in an amused tone.
“Well I certainly got your attention.” Their food orders arrived so they let the evening progress as one would on a blind date.

By the time they got to coffee they’d talked about many different subjects, finding they’d much in common. 
“Thank you for distracting me James. It’s been lovely, now I must leave and get some beauty sleep.”
“It’s early Modesty; surely you can spare another hour?”
“Well I would, however you still refuse to tell me about this so called vital information which I think is bogus anyway.”
“You’re in danger here,” he said simply.  “I’m here to protect you.”
“Oh please you can do much better than that James, most women on their own are in danger.  I don’t even know you,” her laugh harsh. “You’re the second guy to accost me in the last thirty six hours.”
James’s eye narrowed dangerously.  “Who was the other man?” he growled.
“Please James, or whoever you are, I’m quite capable of looking after myself.”
“Who was he?”
“None of your business,” she said indignantly rising from the table. He grabbed her hand pulling her back as she whirled around her hand in her purse. “Get your hands off me,” she said stiffly.
“Get off your high horse and trust me,” he ground out in frustration.
“I don’t trust or usually turn up for blind dates James.” She glowered, “now take your hands off me before I make a scene,” she whispered fiercely
“Fine, find out the hard way and don’t come running to me.”
“I won’t James,” she hissed.
Reluctantly he let go of her watching her stalk out of the restaurant hips swaying, anger in every line of her body.  Sighing he ran his fingers though his blonde hair.  His phone rang.  Grimacing at the number he answered it.
“So how did it go?”
“She just left.  You could’ve warned me she was a difficult woman.”
“What your charm didn’t work this time Gabriel,” laughed his boss.
“You need to tell me more about Rosie until then I can only keep an eye on her.”
“She’s in deep trouble Gabriel,” he replied seriously.
“Tell me about it, who is she, why is she in trouble? What the hell’s going on here?”
“I don’t know much, that’s the trouble with my speciality. I’ll keep you updated as I can.  Keep your ear to the ground and watch her.”
“She mentioned another guy accosted her.”
“Did you find out who it was?”
“Nope, that’s what caused her angry walk out.”
“Get over to the hotel and keep watch Gabriel, the danger is approaching,” he said urgently.  “Move it.”
“Ok, gone,” he replied closing his phone.

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