Thursday, 27 February 2014

Malachy's Unit.

Shopping on a beautiful bright sunny day with a gentle breeze was just what Mirage wanted. The exclusive boutiques surrounding her gave her plenty of thought.  Putting her head to one side; her long vibrant purple hair lifting in the breeze, her rich tangerine sheath dress with spaghetti straps clung to every tantalizing curve, ending just above the knees.  For a finishing touch she held her black leather Gucci bag matching her black nails and shoes. Mirage found it amusing to watch the watchers, the looks from men, the daggers from jealous women.  Tapping her foot she straightened trying to decide which boutique she should patronise today.  Hands on her curvy hips she smiled strolling into her favourite fashion and accessory boutique.

Her first stop was for a latte in their luxurious coffee lounge. They held the most exotic and extraordinary coffees’ served with muffins to die for. Sitting down in one of their lush black velvet covered chairs Mirage sighed with bliss watching other women wander around looking at the latest collection of designer gear listening to the chat surrounding her.
Pink nails with silver stars on a manicured hand settled on Mirage’s shoulder, a smile spread over her face as she turned to find her best friend Arizona grinning down at her.
“I didn’t know you were back in town Mirage, you should’ve called.”
“I only arrived last night Ari.  How’re you?  Join me for a coffee it’s quite excellent.” A quick air kiss and Ari poured herself into the chair opposite.
“I see your still the glamour puss Ari, I’ve never seen you without polish,” she smiled nodding to her nails.
“I wouldn’t be so crass Mirage,” she replied. “What’re you doing in town?  What’re you looking for this time?  I’m sure you must have hundreds of clothes at home.”
“Oh just need a little cocktail dress short of course.”
“Of course Mirage, that says you; all the way, I can’t imagine you wearing a long gown somehow.”
“You coming to help me choose Ari there’re so many lovely designer clothing boutiques around here.”
“Yep, brill I love the hunt the best.  By the way that tangerine colour looks gorgeous on you, where did you get it?”
“I found it in Paris,” she smiled, “I was there a few months back.”

“You’re so lucky with your job Mirage, stop making me jealous. Let’s get moving,” linking arms they sashayed out of the coffee lounge to look for that little something special.

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