Sunday, 26 October 2014

Ryan's Madam

Let me introduce you to Agent Thomas Ryan who works for the FBI.  His home base is usually in Seattle.  

Agent Ryan had been the lead investigator in a Prostitution ring for three years, slow and surely they'd managed to bring those involved to justice, though there were several more to go.  Arriving back in New York from his holiday's and to visit his sister he finds a couple of messages on his cell phone.  The lady was aggressive and not overly pleasant; well by the third or fourth unanswered call.

Meet Sylvia Carson, Dragon Lady extraordinaire.  Sylvia works with Eric at Garrett Investigation Bureau.  She is peeved at the lack of response from Agent Ryan.  Their first meeting is nearly a disaster; of which Ryan finds quite amusing.

Ryan is a gentleman who loves his junk food, he also likes to make sure women are safe and generally doesn't have a problem; well until he met Sylvia and gets a tongue lashing.  Sparks fly as they work together.  It is time to bring Blaze Carrington down for good.

Read on and watch their relationship grown, how they react in different circumstances. With many unexpected twists and turns as the story unfolds, the excitement mounting; will wedding bells ring.

I hope you enjoy the latest in the GIB series.  Look out for "Mascosta's Dreamgirl," Book 5 in the series which will be out in within the next 6 months.

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